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Hogs of War

Hogs of War Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title Screen
Main Briefing
Choosing the Cannon Fodder!
Starting the training mission
Not much in your pocket
Overview the battlefield
That's how our operation starts
Looks interesting
Aiming the Suchi-Swine
It's hot down here
Sometimes better not to stick your nose out
Nobody can't hide from Rimski
Gas attack incoming! Cover your snouts!
Piggystroika doing their thing!
Starting mission by landing nearby the enemy
Biology for dummies
Loading Screen
Shhh! His is trying to sneak like an agent
Smells like fried pig!
What's your evidence?!
Nice gun....
...nice shot!
Earning the medals

Hogs of War Screenshots

Windows version

FMV Intro
Training - Bazooka
Cam follows the shell
Swimming for shore (+ammo) health depletes in water
Lining up a shot
Aiming through the sights
Surveying the surroundings