Hole in One Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title Screen
Golf Course Difficulty
Select your golf club and wind direction
Hit the ball

PC-88 version

Title screen
First hole on the West course spells out HAL from above
Trying to putt the first hole on the North course
Got a birdie
Second hole on the South course

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Hole 1
Need to put this for par
Hole 18
Two player mode, P1 is white ball, P2 red ball

SNES version

Here's the title screen.
The main menu gives you options for stroke play, match play, a versus match against the computer, or even entering the *vaunted* HAL Classic Open.
The intro sequence, involving a picture-perfect chip-in.
Enter your name, if you aren't too ashamed of your golfing skills...
You also get to choose your club set for the match.
This sharp dress man welcomes you to the HAL Classic Open.
With all our options configured, it's time to tee off on the first hole!
...and we're off to a fine start...
Every hole has a mode-7 fly by to let you know what' you're up against.
You can also check terrain elevations on the handy topographical grid map.
Time to plan out that approach shot...
Chips and putts oftentimes will switch to a zoomed in view of the hole if they're close to the pin.
This is a pretty accurate representation of my golfing ability...
More options: you can adjust your stance to draw or fade your shots.
And my tee off shot is a little to the right...
Okay, so it was REALLY to the right...
Could it be a chip in?!?
Not the most prolific score in golf, but I'll take it! (For the record, in the taking of these screenshots, I did not once finish a hole below par)
After three holes, it appears I have some catching up to do...
You can also check out the scorecard to view you many *ahem* successes...
After a long, hot day of golf, why don't we take a dip in the lake...