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Holiday 1994 Level Codes - FrostContributed by Jeanne (75433) on Apr 10, 2002.

HOLIDAY 1994 - Frost Codes:
1 Chains of Command - - - - - - - - - -
3 Cindyland OPLOLCADCJ
4 Separate Ways PLDLCMNECF
5 Lemming Reunification LDLCAJVFCM
6 The Land of the Bizarre DLCIJULGCF
7 Happy New Year! LCAOTLDHCR
8 Division Bell CIOTNLHICQ
9 Quest for Kieran CAJRMDLJCN
11 Maybe not such a doddle NRMDLCALCD
12 It's Boxing Day! RMDLCINMCM
13 2 Minutes before midnight MDLCAJVNCF
14 Happy New Year II DLCIJVMOCO
15 Plethora of Presents HCANTMLPCN
16 Up on the Rooftops CIOTMDLQCD

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