Holiday 1994 Level Codes - FlurryContributed by Jeanne (76599) on Apr 10, 2002.

HOLIDAY 1994 - Flurry Codes:
1 Climbing to the Top CAJRLDMBEH
2 Floating Lemming Flurry IJRLDMCCEQ
3 Holiday Mining NRLDMCADEN
4 Lemming Tracks in the Snow RLDMCINEEG
5 Christmas South of the Equator LDMCAJVFEP
6 Lemming Snowfall DMCMJTLGEK
7 Lemming Snowjourn MCAOTLDHEE
8 Vacation in Gemland CINVLDMIEO
9 A Block from Home CAJRMDMJEQ
10 32 Lemmings Below Zero IKAMDMCKEI
11 At Home in a Cave NROLICELEQ
12 Presents of Mind RMDMCINMEP
13 Yo-yo Lem-lem MDMCAJVNEI
14 Marshmallow Land DMCIJVMOER
15 Head for the Hills! MCANVMDPEO
16 The Long Way Around CINVMDMQEH

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