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Hollywood Hijinx

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Amstrad PCW

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My favorite of the last bunch from Infocom DOS Tony Van (2691)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 4 3.9
Amstrad CPC 2 3.8
Amstrad PCW Awaiting 1 votes...
Apple II 2 3.5
Atari 8-bit 3 3.9
Atari ST 2 3.5
Commodore 64 3 3.4
DOS 14 3.6
Macintosh 1 4.0
TI-99/4A Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 31 3.7

The Press Says

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Commodore 64Commodore User
As a kid, you and your cousins spent many happy holidays with your favourite uncle and aunt, the childless but rich and famous Buddy Burbank and his wife Hildegarde. Buddy and Hildegarde owned a highly successful film studio, built on box-office hits like Attack of the Killer Rutabagas and Vampire Penguins of the North.
Atari STHappy Computer
Hollywood Hijinx ist ein durchschnittlich schweres Adventure, das auch Einsteiger mit guten Englischkenntnissen nach einiger Zeit lösen können. Der professionelle Parser kommt mit fast jeder Eingabe zurecht und die ausgegebenen Texte zeugen von einem begabten Autor. Zusammen ein Muß für alle englischsprechenden Adventure- und Kino-Freunde.
MacintoshAll Game Guide
This game is excellent and very challenging. Not only do you have to find all the treasures, but you must do it under a time limit. In addition, this game has specific commands that are listed in the front of the manual. If you're stuck, you might try using one of them.