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Hollywood Hijinx

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Amstrad PCW
Apple II


Box contains Magazine "Tinsel World - News from Hollywood and around the globe, Vol. 35, No. 27", a Letter from Aunt Hildegarde Montague Burbank, a Photo of Uncle Buddy Burbank with poem on the back and your very own Lucky Palm Tree Swizzle Stick.

Contributed by iShrek (3656) on Jan 25, 2007. -- edit trivia

The premise of this game is riffed on in Ivan Cockrum's 1998 game Foggywood Hijinx, and its title informed an inspired sample transcript for Jamie Murray's Bollywood Hijinx in 2001 -- an homage not yet stretched out to game-length.

Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (43972) on Apr 06, 2006. -- edit trivia

Copy protection for this game required the user to have the photo of "Uncle Buddy;" well, actually the poem on the back of said photo. The three cardinal directions mentioned in the poem are needed in order to properly orient the statue in the front yard of Buddy's estate. Don't have the poem? Good luck getting into the house.

Contributed by Chris Mikesell (29) on Feb 09, 2001. -- edit trivia