Hollywood Monsters Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
The game's options menu
Our hero, Ron Ashman, isn't interested in the assignment.
Today's cover story, the Hollywood Monsters awards.
So our other protagonist, Sue Bergman, gets to cover it.
Am I disturbing something?
Vampire alert
A skeleton in the bar
Meeting a cook.
In the museum
Sue en route to the awards' after-party to get the latest celebrity gossip.
Our host, Otto Hannover.
This should be an interesting interview...
I thought this trick only worked in movies...
Snooping around in an office.
Clearly the work of Extreme Makeover: Office Edition.
I'd hate to get on the wrong side of whatever spooked Frankenstein.
Sue asks Frankie what's wrong and gets herself into a world of trouble...
The following day there's no sign of Sue, so The Quill's editor sends Ron to find her.
Is Ron swating Dr. Fly or did Dr. Fly have too much to drink last night? You decide!
Microphone stand? Check. Cotton ball? Check. Greasy leftovers? Check. Nonsensical puzzle? Check.
Frankenstein's home in Switzerland
Talk to the hand!