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Back Cover:
    Home Alone A Family Comedy Without The Family Comes To Your Computer

    When the McCallisters decided to go on a vacation, they forgot one very important thing... Kevin!

    Now you can play eight-year-old Kevin, trying to foil the break-in of those two inept burglars, Harry and Marv. In the first phase of the game, you rush throughout your gigantic home creating traps and pitfalls. From the attic to the basement, the tree house, big brother Buzz's cluttered bedroom and the dozens of rooms in between, you'll find innumerable household items to aid in your defense. Armed with imagination and a BB-Gun, you can create a wealth of clever contraptions, but time is limited. Will you be ready for the Wet Bandit Gang?

    Soon, Harry and Marv come bumbling in for a hilarious chase as you try to lure them into your snares and ploys. Will they succeed in catching you or can you hold out until Mom arrives in this playful quest to protect your home... ALONE.

    Digitized pictures and sounds from the movie, animation, slapstick humor, comic twists and infinite variations of play, turn Home Alone--The Family Comedy Without The Family--into exciting computer action for the entire clan.

    Contributed by Embit (128) on Dec 22, 2003.