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Back of Case - Mega Drive (UK):
    Save the neighborhood from Harry and Marv! Kevin's been left home alone, and the two sneaky crooks are prowling his street. Who's in danger now? Kevin - or the bullying housebreakers?

    Race from house to house on Kevin's sled, keeping your eyes peeled for the villains. Dodge stumps and slick ice 'cuz time's running out. Arm yourself with a BB gun and all the home-made weapons you can find and assemble. Keep the robbers running before they can loot the goods!

  • 5 different houses to save! Set and launch a variety of attacks and ambushes to snare the thieves.

  • Assemble household items to make and use hilarious weapons like a flashbulb shotgun, a snowball bazooka and a glue-bomb launcher.

  • Comic animation and slap-stick action relive all the fast, zany humor of the hit movie.

    Contributed by ケヴィン (4149) on Aug 09, 2008.