Home Alone Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen
Main menu
This is what happens when you step on the marbles you have set yourself as a trap. Be careful!
Outside of the mansion, with plenty of plans in mind
Your ammunition
When you enter a house, you can set traps
You are electrocuted by a droid!
I'm sowwy Arnold, but aren't you in the wong game?
Futuristic house. You jump as you see fish. Logical reaction
Sliding on ice. You are having fun
Is anyone home? It's snowing outside, damn it! I wanna cup of brandy, pronto!
Ascending stairs
Oh wow! This bed is big enough for... uh... I guess, for me alone
Jump and eat those objects (like the one on the drawer) to gain bonuses
Attacked by a cat!
Nice portrait! The resemblance is striking
As you reflect on the possibility to play some pool, you notice the hanging heart above it and quickly decide to eat it
Play too many video games and you'll become a violent, blood-thirsty monster
This is the first time I see a toilet standing right in the middle of a living room. Guess smell is not an issue in this game

Genesis version

Title screen
Main options
Game start
On the road
Sliding over ice
Entered the mansion
Laying traps
Just inside
Falling on one of the traps
At the house
Entering the house
Up the stairs
Next to one of the traps