Home Alone Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Daniel Stern
Joe Pesci
Get robber to follow you
And then he stands on the trap
Use the key to open door
In the basement
How do you get past these
Jump and they move
The first boss
Jump at the brick so it falls on the spider
The spider is dead
Now to put all your belongings in the safe
Level 1 finished
Level 2 starts off in your room
Big toy soldiers
Use the chair cushion to bounce over the spikes
Careful now
A robber waiting to pounce
A clean bathroom
Back in the cellar again
The second boss
The rat is dead
Starting Level 3
Dont let them steal that
Some big speakers
Lost a life
Game over

SNES version

Title screen
Starting out in Kevin's room
Putting valuables in the safe
Dropping an object in the safe
Here's looking at you, kid
Bump the table to get the ring
Chased by a bad guy
He hurt his foot on some toys
Oh no!
Yes, that'll teach me
Game over