Homefront Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

The start screen.
The main menu.
Please, look at the left for war atrocities. Look right right for your fellow prisoners.
Since the game doesn't have "sticky" cover system, you'll have to hide from bullets crouching behind something.
We'll have to wait until Korean forces march away and only then cross the street.
It's kinda hard to shoot anyone without ammo.
Loading screens show various "historical" facts and events.

Windows version

The main menu
Old papers fragments serve not only as collectables, but as vital source of background information.
Voice of Freedom, the underground radio station, broadcasts between missions, describing current events from third point of view.
Yours usual neighborhood. Destroyed by Koreans.
The USA has suffered a lot of changes, just look at this map.
You can destroy sentry towers only by explosives in their well guarded back.
While not shooting, most of people is willing to share their thoughts on various themes.
The labour camp overview. Poor fellas work their asses for occupant army.
Hiding from military forces in pit, filled with rotting bodies of Americans.
White phosphor artillery strike! Now that is effective against everyone.
Using the «Goliath» for taking out the helicopter.
What a nice view!
We are ready and gonna bust that door in seconds.
Escaping from the burning mall building.
Boom! «Goliath» is sure a handful tool for stuff destruction.
Bloody Screen! SO REAL!
Our neighbourhood. Things are getting worse from hour to hour.
Slow motion sequence. Shoot the room full of Koreans in mere seconds like Max Payne!
You'll face not only Korean army, but certain American groups too.
The scope might simplify your life a lot.
Taking out the snipers during stealth mission.
Close range sniping. Be careful and don't get into the sight.
Those guys are brutal! That bridge must scare off for sure.
Getting under bullet rain might be a good idea, since you die after two hits.
Certain weapons are better for close combat, like that M4 rifle.
Flanking the enemies is sometimes the key for fast victory.
Enemy blood drops tend to block your vision.
Wow, now that's real sniping!
Storming the fuel convoy on robbed helicopter. Our her is the pilot, after all.
You can even use missile defence for protection. Quite useful.
John Milius quotes himself. Though the music this time is different.
Storming the military base entrance along with US army leftovers.
Kaboom! The tank is destroyed.
At the entrance to Golden Gate bridge. This game certainly know how to be eyes appealing.
Loading screens show quotes from occupation period.
Even if it's enemy, planes still look beautiful.
Don't look down, just do not look down...
Another helicopter done! What a guy.
The final storm. Don't step back!
Yet another amusing way of killing more Koreans.
Eye for the eye, «Goliath» for the «Goliath».
A quite creepy scene in the game.