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WindowsWithingames (Dec 16, 2003)
Brillant, genial, herausragend. Mir fallen fast keine Adjektive mehr ein, mit denen man ein Spiel wie „Homeworld 2“ beschreiben könnte. Selten schaffte es ein Spiel, mich derart in seinen Bann zu ziehen. Dass dabei noch eine brillante technische Umsetzung das vereinnahmende Spielprinzip und die sehr schöne und spannende Story unterstützt, setzt dem Ganzen die Krone auf. „Homeworld 2“ ist so schön, dass es mir Glückstränen in die Augen treibt, sobald ich das Spiel spiele – und das will etwas heißen...
MacintoshMac Gamer (Oct 28, 2004)
There's no hiding it; MacGamer gives Homeworld 2 its stamp of "Unqualified Success". The graphics are there, the sound is there, the gameplay is there, and while no game can be all things to all people, this game is all things to unquestionably all things to those who are searching out a fresh turn on the sci-fi real time strategy genre. Relic has easily bypassed the competition with this glowing example of how to do it right. Now stop reading, go out there and buy your copy of Homeworld 2 and make sure you bug Aspyr Media to sign Relic's latest real-time opus, Dawn Of War. The Mac needs more Relic games, that's for sure.
WindowsGame Watcher (Oct 10, 2003)
I’ll admit right from the start that I’m slightly biased when it comes to Homeworld. My hard disc holds umpteen games, but there are only 3 that have never been removed – Total Annihilation (probably the best planet based strategy game ever) and Homeworld. This game blew me away when it first came out with its stunning graphics and superb full 3D control of all your ships. It had a superb storyline, played a damn good AI game and was well supported for full multiplay as well – what more could you want. Then along came Cataclysm (the 3rd of my ‘always there’ games), with its new races and ships – not quite as good as the original, but as good a sequel as I’ve seen anywhere. And now I’ve finally got my grubby mits on Homeworld 2, the ‘proper’ sequel to my all time favourite game. This has a lot to live up to - and biased or not, if it doesn’t live up to my expectations, I’ll soon tell you why.
Windowsgames xtreme (Nov 04, 2003)
If you liked Homeworld then you should like the sequel, the story is excellent and the game is pretty well polished already. People will always see unit balancing issues and Relic is committed to fixing every bug that is found. If you didn’t play the first game then go out and get it, then get the sequel and play them one after the other, it’s a great feeling to watch that story unfold and see the action heat up.
MacintoshMacworld (Oct 18, 2004)
Homeworld 2 is, without question, a tour de force in real-time strategy gaming. If you buy one RTS in 2004, this should be it.
MacintoshNowGamer (Sep 16, 2003)
Of course, strategy games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and the complexities of planning a combat strategy that spans vast areas of outer space mean that Homeworld is a game that demands a fair amount of concentration. But if you’re a fan of strategy games then Homeworld is a must-have additional to your games collection. There’s really nothing else like it on the Mac at all.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Oct, 2003)
Grande précision tactique, finesse stratégique, graphismes somptueux : Homeworld 2 est une éclatante réussite. La campagne solo est fortement linéaire mais bien scénarisée, et le mode escarmouche avec difficulté variable permet de s'amuser contre l'ordinateur quel que soit votre niveau. Le mode multi assure une très longue durée de vie, et on peut s'attendre à ce que de nombreses modifications voient le jour sur Internet.
WindowsGame Chronicles (Nov 03, 2003)
Although some might be disappointed with the lack of any major additions, I simply couldn’t have enjoyed Homeworld 2 more. As far as space-based RTS’s go, this is as good as it gets. From its finely honed user interface to its nearly flawless campaign and PvP modes, Homeworld 2 is a breath of fresh air when most games of its ilk are bogging themselves down with needless complexity.
90 (Feb 06, 2004)
Homeworld 2's graphics and soundtrack are incredible. It also has one of the best tutorials for newbie’s I've ever seen. There are a few things it would have been nice to have, such as a difficulty setting because some of the single player games are very hard, and some variety in skirmish or multiplayer missions. These are minor things. I think the pluses out number the minuses. Overall this game is first rate and well worth buying, and this comes from someone who never played Homeworld before this.
WindowsPC Gamer UK (Oct, 2003)
Like WD40 or the humble Swiss army knife, the word 'space' is immensely multi-purpose. Beyond the various standard contextual applications of the word (wide open space, space opera, I need some space, etc.), it can also be used as a prefix to almost any other word. And it works. Space opera. Space boots. Space nookie, if you like. But as the vast space fleets of Homeworld 2 drop out of hyperspace to wage space war, you realise that the word just isn't big enough. This is a game of interstellar conflict, intergalactic conflagration and cosmic struggles. The whole thing just feels so lofty and epic, it deserves no less than the biggest words going. It's Relic's RTS opus. And here's why.
88 (Sep 29, 2003)
Relic had a very difficult task of creating a sequel at least as good as its predecessor. And I am glad to say that, for most part, they did it, although the single-player mode and mission design leave the impression that they were rushed. Despite this, Homeworld 2 is as good as its famed precursor, being one of the best Real Time Strategies of this year. But is it better than Homeworld? Well, only you can decide that, after you will play it.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Nov, 2003)
Jammer dus dat de game hier en daar de indruk wekt dat hij is uitgebracht voordat alle onderdelen geoptimaliseerd waren. De puntjes op de i missen gewoon. En dat houdt de game qua score net even weg van de negen. Wat niet wegneemt dat HW2 de beste game is die ik het afgelopen jaar gespeeld heb!
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Nov 01, 2004)
I never played the original Homeworld – it didn’t make it over to the Mac and I don’t own a PC – so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this game. I’d just heard lots of positive buzz, and something about a real time strategy game set in outer space. So I wasn’t surprised when that’s exactly what I got. What did surprise me is how exceedingly cool this game is.
WindowsGameSpot (Sep 16, 2003)
Those who had a great time playing the original should by all means enjoy the sequel, as will most anyone interested in managing epic battles between huge spaceship fleets.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Nov 02, 2003)
I had a good time with Homeworld 2 — good enough that I plan on borrowing a copy of Homeworld from a friend whenever I get some free time. And, yes, I know the fourth-quarter flood of games is on the way, but I always was an optimist.
86 (Oct 02, 2003)
Alte Liebe in neuem Gewand! Ich habe Homeworld seinerzeit verschlungen und war nach den ersten Spielstunden sehr skeptisch, ob das Team von Relic Entertainment an die alte Klasse anknüpfen kann: Der Einstieg erinnert stark an den Vorgänger, die Story kommt nur schleppend in Gang und der Schwierigkeitsgrad zieht nach dem dritten Kapitel mächtig an. Und warum gibt es bitte keine animierten Sprecher? Doch der Ernüchterung folgt schnell die Euphorie: Was sind das für pompöse Weltraumschlachten! Wenn meine Jäger wie Todesengel durch den galaktischen Nebel schwirren, nur um das gegnerische Schlachtschiff einen Augenblick später mit einem leuchtenden Laserhagel einzudecken, bis es sich in einer gleißenden Explosionswolke auflöst, freuen sich Spielerherz und - auge. Selbst die Führung komplexer Schlachten mit mehreren Fronten ist dank der höchst komfortablen Bedienung und der beruhigenden Pausefunktion kein Problem.
85 (Oct 02, 2003)
Sans aucun doute l'un des titres les plus incontournables dans sa catégorie, Homeworld 2 allie une esthétique superbe à une richesse de jeu réellement intéressante, même si le soft pêche un peu sur sa durée de vie. Son interface simplifiée et sa difficulté progressive le rendront tout à fait accessible aux non initiés qui auraient envie de découvrir le genre.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Nov, 2003)
Het spel biedt jammer genoeg weinig nieuws voor Homeworld veteranen maar de gameplay blijft goed en de nieuwe 3D engine maakt dat het spel er spectaculairder uitziet dan ooit tevoren. Homeworld 2 is een knap RTS-spel dat de klassieke Homeworld formule verbetert maar minder fel dan we hadden gehoopt.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Oct 25, 2003)
Das Schlechte gleich vorweg: Homeworld 2 kann nicht mehr die totale Begeisterung bei mir auslösen, die ich beim Vorgänger verspürte. Der Grund ist banal: Die Idee eines komplett dreidimensionalen Echtzeit-Schlachtfeldes mit riesigen Raumschiffen anstelle von Panzern oder Orks ist halt nicht mehr so frisch wie im Jahr 1999, als Homeworld veröffentlicht wurde. Trotzdem hat Relic Entertainment mit Homeworld 2 einen exzellenten Job abgeliefert: Die Grafik ist zeitgemäß, Steuerung sowie Menüführung wurden deutlich verbessert und die Präsentation der interessanten Story ist um Welten besser als beim Vorgänger. Der hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad verlangt mir allerdings einiges ab; so schwer hatte ich Homeworld nicht in Erinnerung. Was bleibt, ist ein knüppelschweres, aber sehr atmosphärisches Echtzeit-Strategiespiel, das die elegantesten Raumschlachten der PC-Geschichte auf den Monitor malt.
83 (Oct 02, 2003)
Homeworld 2 ist mal wieder eines der Spiele, bei denen Frust und Lust nur eine Lasersalve weit auseinander liegen. Als Homeworld Fan der ersten Stunde hat mich natürlich auch Teil zwei sofort in seinen Bann gezogen. Mir war es egal, dass ich mal wieder nur ein etwas besseres Update vorgesetzt bekomme, die Grafik ein wenig altbacken ist und auch sonst mehr Evolution als Revolution betrieben wurde. Neue Features, wie die ausgebaute Forschungsschiene und die neuen Rauschifftypen, können begeistern. Einzig beim Schwierigkeitsgrad haben die Entwickler mal wieder maßlos übertrieben - grenzenloser Frust ist vorprogrammiert. Dennoch ertappt man sich immer wieder, auch um halb drei Uhr nachts die Kommandobrücke nicht im Stich zu lassen. Mein Tipp für hartgesottene Echtzeitstrategiefans, die genug haben vom Mainstream-Einheitsbrei.
WindowsActionTrip (Sep 23, 2003)
It's really hard to accurately review Homeworld 2. For those of us who are willing to spend a little more time and energy than what we're used to spending on video games these days, Homeworld 2 will reward us with a dynamic, exciting and engrossing game world, with an epic storyline and plenty of challenges for true fans. Then there are those of us, of course, which either don't have enough time or patience to properly master this game. Still, what struck me as a bit disappointing is that even if you devote enough time to the sequel, you will be treated to a relatively short single-player campaign. Despite the fact it took me several tries to beat certain missions, I finished Homeworld 2 on normal in two days. After all, we're only talking about fifteen missions here. I guess jumping in a few multiplayer matches increases the game's replay value, but the accent in Homeworld has always been on the single-player experience.
WindowsPC Gamer (Dec, 2003)
Homeworld 2 is still a terrific game, and it’s certainly worth the time and money of any real-time strategy gamer.
WindowsPC Zone (Oct 16, 2003)
Despite getting occasionally tangled up with itself, HW2 still possesses that most crucial of 'Just One More Go' gameplay qualities. Eventually, there even comes a time when everything clicks into place. You discover it actually takes surprisingly few bombers to take down a carrier - they just need plenty of fighter escorts; the importance of mobile refineries; understanding the movement interface... Suddenly it all makes sense.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Dec 17, 2003)
Homeworld 2 is misschien weinig vernieuwend tegenover zijn voorganger, maar het lost wel de hoge verwachtingen van de fans moeiteloos in. Geen ideaal real-time strategiegame voor de spelers die een snelle rush of multiplayersessie verkiezen, maar wie wel iets ziet in grootste ruimtevlootveldslagen mag dit spel niet missen.
WindowsComputer Active (Nov 13, 2003)
Visually it's a masterpiece, and the gameplay has an untouched level of depth and artificial intelligence that simply absorbs you into the battle against the invading Vaygrs. The missions are slow but never boring and after a few hours of play, Earth soon begins to feels like a dull place to live.
WindowsGameSpy (Sep 12, 2003)
If you're expecting something more than the original Homeworld offered, you're not going to find it in Homeworld2. Save for a few tweaks to the interface and mechanics, a fabulous storyline, and improved graphics, there's not much new here. However, if you were addicted to the original Homeworld, then Homeworld2 is a must for you, and if you're totally new to the Homeworld experience, Homeworld 2 is a terrific, challenging and engrossing way to jump aboard the saga.
WindowsSuper Play (Sweden) (Sep, 2003)
För er som spelade Homeworld och har gått och väntat på en uppföljare som gör allt föregångaren gjorde och mer, fast ännu bättre. Hurra. För alla andra är det här ett exemplariskt realtidsstrategispel som erbjuder något av det bästa den här genren har visat.
80 (Oct 18, 2003)
Jag gillar inte Homeworld 2. Det kommer förmodligen dröja innan det hamnar på min hårddisk igen, och då endast om alla andra spel jag har är varvade eller utslitna. Som jag skrev tidigare så gillar jag inte hysteriska och hypersnabba strategispel. I mina ögon är detta ett sådant. Dock kan jag inte förneka att Relic Entertainment lyckats göra ett gediget och bra spel och sådant bör alltid premieras. Gillade ni originalet har ni ett minst lika underhållande spel framför er. Är ni nya rekommenderas det som ett välsvarvat alternativ till de markbundna strategispelen. Skulle ni vara nya till hela genren finns däremot risken att Homeworld 2 kommer att avskräcka er.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Sep 07, 2004)
What Homeworld 2 really is, as anyone smart enough to read the box will learn, is a real-time strategy game set in the deep vastness of space. Although the space battles are there, and they're indeed as great to see in the game as they were in the trailer, you don't control the fight from the cockpit. You control the development of the ships, their aggressiveness, their deployment and their targets. You actually do this for many ships. Many, many, many ships.
80 (Oct 21, 2003)
Der Weltraum, unendliche Weiten… Viel spannender aber als ein Abenteuer der alten Enterprise und vor allem optisch besser in Szene gesetzt, war schon das vor knapp 4 Jahren erschienene Homeworld aus dem Hause Sierra. Erstmals wagte ein Strategiespiel den Hypersprung in die dritte Dimension und verlagerte die Kämpfe von den Schlachtfeldern der Erde hinaus in das All. Nach dem AddOn Cataclysm, setzt Relic die Story rund um das verbannte Volk der Hiigaraner fort. Was euch außer der weitergeführten Geschichte sonst noch Neues erwartet, haben wir uns im folgenden Review für euch angeschaut.
80 (Sep 25, 2006)
« Peu de voyageurs savent ce que représente l’exode quand celui-ci se poursuit depuis des éons. Encore bien moins connaissent les affres de la solitude interstellaire, le désespoir de jamais trouver la Terre Promise. Nous pensions enfin connaître la paix. Avoir fui la menace Taïdan. Mais l’ennemi nous a retrouvé, et nous voici contraints d’abandonner Hiigara pour reprendre le voyage à bord du Vaisseau-Mère, à la recherche d’un endroit épargné par les conflits et la guerre. » Journal de Bord du Comput Ewian, conservateur en chef sur La Fierté d’Iigara.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2003)
Ich bezweifle ernsthaft, dass irgendjemand während der Entwicklungsphase Homeworld 2 am Stück durchgespielt hat. Sonst wäre den Relic-Leuten garantiert aufgefallen, wie schnell man in aussichtslosen Situationen landet. Dagegen ist die Grafik wieder Spitze und die Gegner-KI fordernd. Die Raumschlachten können es mit jedem Science-Fiction-Film aufnehmen. Deshalb werden Profis an Homeworld 2 Spaß haben, wenn sie bereit sind, auch mal wieder ein, zwei Missionen zurückzugehen, um Fehler auszubügeln. Alle anderen sind bei O.R.B. oder Haegemonia besser aufgehoben.
WindowsNetjak (Jan 12, 2004)
Overall, Homeworld 2 was a bit of a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a blast to play and see all the new improvements to the system. Still, the overall size of the maps, the idiocy of finding all the remaining units down to the last probe before moving on, and the sheer imbalance and poor tactics brought it down. A perfect game would take the gameplay of Homeworld 2 and put the story and balance of Homeworld into it. There is still fun to be had, but not as much as fans of the series would expect.
WindowsDigital Entertainment News (den) (Oct 30, 2003)
f you want a real challenge and have a capable machine, get this. If you don’t have a capable machine, get HW instead (and Cataclysm if you can find it) – they can both be obtained cheaply nowadays. Then, when you have save enough to upgrade, get HW2 as well.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Oct 31, 2003)
Homeworld 2 stands out among RTS competitors with its generally somber tone and the depth provided by fully three-dimensional combat. The core gameplay is involving and well executed, and bolstered by a great camera, solid controls and an intuitive interface. However, the sequel lacks any decisively outstanding or revolutionary features that truly invest the player in the storyline. Ultimately, Homeworld 2 is a polished game that does a good job at what it sets out to do, although it never truly seizes the moment.
60 (UK) (Nov 07, 2003)
Taken on its own, Homeworld 2 is a game that deserves to be played, and it's certainly head and shoulders above the average PC strategy title. However, we can't simply assess the game on that basis. The fact of the matter is that Homeworld 2 is very disappointing; it's tall only because it stands on the shoulders of a giant, and while fans of the first game may be able to make do with what is effectively a second serving of the same game, we'd advise everyone else to go and track down a copy of the original game on budget instead. The law of diminishing returns has truly made its mark here.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Dec, 2003)
Homeworld 2 is a sort of misguided reworking of Homeworld, half way between a rehash and a remodeling job, but with the interesting bits sanded off. The vividly distinct sides added in the Cataclysm expansion are gone, the clean interface is now a mess, and much of the strategy has been methodically cut out. What you get in exchange for all this is better graphics.
Windows1UP (May 09, 2004)
There's still a decent and slightly awkward game here. But as a sequel, Homeworld 2 is an upgrade for the graphics and a step backward for the gameplay. Perhaps Homeworld 0.9 would have been a more fitting title.
WindowsFactornews (Feb 05, 2004)
Homeworld 2 est à l'image de ces nombreux jeux sacrifiant complètement le gameplay aux sirènes de la modélisation léchée. Sorti précipitamment, sans test préalable, Homeworld 2 est parfaitement inabouti et inachevé. Half-Life 2 manquerait-il à ce point dans le chiffre d'affaire de Sierra? Pour ceux qui voudraient quand même s'initier au genre, rabattez-vous sur Homeworld et sur Homeworld : Cataclysm, le serveur dédié de chacun de ces deux premiers opus étant toujours opérationnel.