Hook Screenshots (Arcade)

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Arcade version

Title screen (shown before any coins are inserted)
Each characters has pros and cons (probably)
Title screen
Player select
World map
Game starts
Small dusty explosion
In big room
And first boss
Stage cleared
Dangerous barrels
Jump kick
Fat guy
Native village
hard troubles
Play as lost boy Rufio
Second boss
Destroy Hook's statues
Yet another Lost Boy
There are many traps for you or the pirates
Stage 3 boss - three Hooks (?)
The spears can be easily parried
Ace's special attack - a couple of penguins
Peter Pan showing off his special move for the mermaids (hey, it's a Japanese game after all!)
This boss looks like a Dhalsim wanna be.
This ship has Hook's statues and portraits all over
You can set little alligators free
Fighting Smee and henchmen
Final stage is rather crowded
Fighting Captain Hook (aided by Smee)
Peter Pan Forever yo!
Best players