Hopper Screenshots

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Loading screen from the re-released Play It Again Sam 6 version.
Key instructions page
Beginning level 1
Level 2, complete with red snake, diving turtles (the green ones) and the waiting crocodile.
Level 3: Heavier traffic and less logs to jump on. You can see the crocodile waiting for you. He's not dangerous while his jaws are closed. Unfortunately I've just been run over!
Entering your name for the High scores
High score page.

Electron version

Standard Acornsoft loading screen
Title page
Level one. Only four colours in the Electron version, but you'd hardly know it they are so well used.
Level 3 with a crocodile lying in wait and diving turtles
Entering a name in the high scores
High score page

MSX version

Title & High score screen
Lot's of traffic on the road
Can you jump? Stay out of the water!
Frogger clone

Oric version

Title screen
Starting out, with a black frog at the bottom
For the sake of simplicity in programming, and to avoid colour clash, the frog changes to the colour of surrounding objects
Now the frog is black like the snake
A red frog on a red log
Fell in the water
Only one frog to go
All clear
On to the next "sheet"
Game over
High score

ZX81 version

Title Screen.
Cross the road.
Time to cross the river.

ZX Spectrum version

Basic explanation of the game
Hit the blue car that's partially-onscured
The full train viisble
Game Over - pressing N resets the system
A relatively safe spot to take a breath.
Surfing on a turtle's head. Two frogs already crossed to the swamp.
Easy my... this game has more than it shows, I mean in terms of difficulty.
Notice the ambulance. The way stops circulating because of you!
Loading Screen.