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My Childhood ZX Spectrum Sic Coyote (15)

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ZX Spectrum 9 2.6
Combined User Score 9 2.6

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ZX SpectrumMicro 7 (Dec, 1983)
Il y va, le pauvre Horace, mais il traîne en route. Une grande partie du jeu est un Frogger qui ne dit pas son nom. Si vous maîtrisez l'autoroute, l'épisode en ski vous paraîtra facile.
ZX (UK) (Oct 25, 2007)
Defying its own mixed qualities, Horace Goes Skiing has somehow acquired classic status. Almost everybody remembers the exploits of the freakishly-shaped chap - perhaps due to the regular inclusion of Skiing in 48k sales bundles, and perhaps thanks to the blissful fog of nostalgia. As a result, the enigma of Horace is recognised as a legendary 8-bit figure.