Hot Dot Spotter Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

One of the screens that displays as the game loads. Microchimp never makes another appearance
The game asks the player to identify themselves. This personalises the in-game messages.
The name has been entered and the game hangs until 'P' is pressed. The name can be quite long, the game easily copes with "Moby Gamer", what's on screen is a mistype
This is the exciting bit. The red squares flash alternately red / yellow prior to a Hot Dot dropping
A Hot Dot is in the process of dropping. It has two spots on it so the number 2 key must be pressed quickly
The correct key was pressed while the Hot Dot was in the pink zone. A pink cue shoots out and sends the ball off to the left. Two points will be scored for this
Here the correct number has been entered while the ball was in the yellow zone. The cue is consequently yellow too. Three points will be scored for this
When a ball hits the bottom the game slowly counts the number of dots on it before removing it
Hot Dots are removed by being slowly dragged to the left of the screen
This is the screen that's displayed when a high score is set. After this the game asks whether the same player is playing again and either prompts for a new name or goes to the P to play screen
This is the screen that's displayed if a high score is not set