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Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jan, 1989)
Fazit: Die Grafiken sind brauchbar; die Animation recht gut, vor allem, wenn man bedenkt, welche Möglichkeiten das Produkt besitzt. Man muß allerdings erst kräftig mit dem Stick trainieren, um das zu wecken, was in diesem Fußball-Spiel alles steckt. Uns hat‘s Spaß gemacht. Eine gute Alternative zu dem noch spärlichen Angebot an Fußball-Games für die 16bitter.
Atari STAtari ST User (Mar, 1989)
The four-way joystick interface add-on is a superb idea. However, the software simply does not live up to expectations. The game is difficult to get into and at times awkward to play. There are much better soccer simulations around, and for my money I would rather wait for the ST conversion of Microprose Soccer.
It's not a bad game, and deserves a look, despite the erratic dongle/interface which has some strange effects on player control. Try before you buy, though.
Atari STGénération 4 (Dec, 1988)
Le graphisme est inégal, certains écrans sont magnifiques tandis que d'autres sont assez lamentables. Quant à l'animation, elle est à Hotball ce que le ballon est à la Compagnie Créole... Le maniement au joystick est impossible à maitriser, et j'en veux pour exemple le reculons.
Atari STThe One (Jan, 1989)
A small playing area, slow and awkward controls and graphics and sound add up to a comprehensive catalogue of errors. And as for the gameplay! The Quit feature is Hotball's most useful, and I found myself making great use of it. Hotball may have championship aspirations, but it looks to me as though it's ripe for relegation to the league of best-forgotten games.
Atari STPower Play (Jan, 1989)
Die passable Grafik hilft da auch nicht mehr: Spielerisch ist Hotball (besser: “FlopbalI“) ein Eigentor.