Hotbarrels Clay Pigeon Shooting Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen. It's animated, the gun shoots then drops to the bottom of the screen
The main screen. The two clays at the bottom of the screen are hot spots that trigger the game's two modes of play
Practice mode. Here the player selects one of the stands and plays it
Playing the first stand. This screen overlays the stand's background photograph and is common to all stands, it configures the game's difficulty and number of players
A practice session begins. There is a different background for each set but once in a set it does not change.
Two clays are released and the player must shoot them. The gun does not point to the targeting reticule and this can be a problem in other stands
When all twenty clays have been released the player is asked if they wish to repeat the session
The Bolting Rabbit stand has clays rolling and bouncing over bumpy ground
The rules of the Shooting Challenge
Starting the Shooting Challenge. The player must shoot at all ten stands.
This is the Driven Grouse stand. It is hard to see the clays among the trees and even harder to see the targeting reticule especially as it id not in line with the gun barrel
Snipe are small birds so the clays at the Snipe Stand are smaller and further away. They also fly an irregular up and down path
The final Flush stand where multiple clays with varying flight paths are present on screen at the same time
The end of game score. The option to post a score on-line did not work when tested in 2014