House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title / main menu
Intro vision of the séance
Game start - the package arrives
The invitation
Arriving at the Plaza Hotel séance
The séance
Vision of grandmother
The haunted house appears as grandmother predicted
The House of 1000 Doors entrance
As you enter the house candles begin to self ignite
Main Hall sofa - objects
Living room
Reading a paper about the mansions appearance
Second Floor hallway - objects
A little boys bedroom - Sammy
The Library - with family tree frame
Using the train key in Sammy's bedroom
Sammy's bedroom with a doorway to a another dimension
News story about an unfortunate death that happened on the train
Locomotive firewood puzzle
Locomotive engine - objects
The spirit from the newspaper Liza
Liza's train car - objects
The dining room
Dining room - objects
Sammy's bedroom train needs repair
Train track puzzle
Releasing Liza's spirit from the train
Cellar - objects