Hoyle: Official Book of Games - Volume 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen.
Select a game to play.
Choose human or computer player to play against.
Choose a character to play with - Sierra Good Guys
Choose a character to play with - Sierra Bad Guys
Checkers options
Playing with the frog set in checkers.
Each game has rules that can be brought up.
Option menu.
Dominoes. The game and not the pizza place.
Snakes and Ladders - Choose how many players
Snakes and Ladders - Choose your character to play as
Snakes and Ladders

DOS version

Opening Title Screen
Main Menu - Point to the top of the screen for options. When playing a game, the Help and Score screens are available.
Play against all of your favorite Sierra characters. These are the "good guys".
The "bad guys" - famous villains from Sierra's classics
In this Checkers game, your playing pieces are animated frogs which jump from square to square.
Larry and I play Backgammon
Dominoes - The character personalities come out in their comments.
Playing Yacht (Yachtze). This is the only game you can play alone.
When starting Snakes and Ladders, choose how many players - both real and computer
The graphics on the Snakes and Ladders game are really cute
Parchisi requires 4 players - you being one of them. This is just one of the two boards.
The second Parchisi board
Title Screen (16 Color EGA Version)
Game menu. (16 Color EGA Version)
Choose someone to play with - the good guys. (16 Color EGA Version)
The bad guys. (16 Color EGA Version)
Playing backgammon. (16 Color EGA Version)
Parcheesi. (16 Color EGA Version)
Checkers. (16 Color EGA Version)
Checkers - with frog graphics. (16 Color EGA Version)
Option menu. (16 Color EGA Version)
Dominoes - Pick some dominoes. (16 Color EGA Version)
Dominoes - Playing against Arnoid from Space Quest III (16 Color EGA Version)
Snakes and Ladders (16 Color EGA Version)
Yacht - Set players options. (16 Color EGA Version)
Yacht. (16 Color EGA Version)