The Hulk Screenshots

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Start screen
Starting location

Browser version

Starting location
How about HULK SMASH?

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Loading Screen.
Tied to a chair.
Turned into The Hulk.
Your free.

Commodore 64 version

Game start - no hints, just a chair
GrrruuUAAAUAUAUARR!! Transformation!
The "training" room at the beginning of the game
Unlike most interaction fiction of the day, you had a picture on almost every location

DOS version

title screen
credits and gameplay
I bit my lip and turned into The Incredble Hulk (™)!
I'm free from that chair now!
Well, that wasn't so long.
This thing released some gas and turned Hulk back into Bruce Banner.
Let's read this sign. What the heck is "Hi Grav?"
My inventory

Electron version

Loading screen

ZX Spectrum version

Title / loader
Game start
Turning into the Hulk!
Breaking free of the ropes and chair
Turning back into Bruce Banner
Looking around room
Exploring objects in room
Exiting dome
Outside dome
Digging a hole
Fuzzy area
Chief Examiner