Hunchback Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title and loading screen
High scores
I need to jump the fireballs on my way to the bell rope.
I need to make like Pitfall Harry.
I need to jump these guys without them stabbing me.
Later, I'll need to jump these guys while still avoiding jumping into the fireball.
I need to jump the pits and arrows.
I needed to jump fireballs and go from bell to bell but I lost my last life. Game over.
I can enter my initials for the high score.

Arcade version

Title Screen.
There's Esmerelda.
Avoid the rocks.
Made it.
Catch the rope.
Swinging across.
Jump the gaps.
Jump the guards.
Avoid the spears.
Made it further.
Guards and rocks to avoid.
Thats going to hurt.
Arrow behind you.

BBC Micro version

Loading screen.
Instructions and High score page.
Level one. Nothing to do here but jump over a ball and ring the bell.
Level two. Tricky one this. Excellent timing is needed to catch the rope and jump off again.
Level three. An easier level with only ramparts to jump across and the occasional ball to jump over.
Level five. Sentries who poke their spears up at you and another missile to avoid.
The final level completed and Esmeralda has been rescued.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Start of first level -- get to the bell-pull at the far right
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick -- Jack jump over those jerks' sharp sticks
Successfully clearing those ramparts would be easier if someone wasn't firing arrows at you
A dose of Pitfall vine-swinging always does a game good. (Note my advance in the bottom-left map.)
The end is in sight!
Overcome with romantic emotion, he decides to do it all over again
High score table

DOS version

Start screen
Title screen (cga)
Info screen (cga)
Start room 1 (cga)
Room 1 - jump to avoid the balls (cga)
Room 1 - Climbing the rope to finish the room (cga)
Room 2 - jump to get the swinging rope to cross the deadly gap (cga)
Room 2 - Wrong jump, game over. (cga)

Dragon 32/64 version

Loading screen
Title screen
Beginning of the game

Electron version

Loading screen (Superior re-release)
Title screen (Ocean)
Title screen (Superior)
First screen: dodge flying rocks
Second screen: jump across the trench
Third screen: dodge rocks and jump the trenches
Fourth screen: jump above the the soldiers
Fifth screen: soldiers and rocks
Sixth screen: jump the rop and dodge arrows
Seventh screen: jump soldiers and dodge rocks

MSX version

Title screen
High scores
Starting out
I was hit by a fireball
If you take too long, the soldier will reach the top of the wall and chase you.
I reached the bell
Time to make like Pitfall Harry
I lost all my lives. Game over.

Oric version

Loading screen
Startup screen
Title screen
Screen 1: Jumping over the rock
The knights-in-ditches screen

VIC-20 version


ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Main title screen
A simple level to start with
Swing, Quasi!