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Hunted: The Demon's Forge

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu.
The town of Dyfed, the starting location of the game. The narration is different depending on which character you are playing.
A Wargar rips the heart out of a townsman.
The Sigil of Pain spell damages enemies within it's area.
Using a barricade as cover as an arrow zips by overhead.
Motion blur effect.
Load Last Checkpoint.
Found a Dragon Tear.
Using a ballista to destroy a tower.
Meeting with the Lord Mayor of Dyfed in his vault.
A skeleton leaps to attack.
Caddoc casts a Battle Charge spell on E'lara.
Infected Wargar.
Seraphine crops up throughout the game.
Another in-engine cutscene.
Fighting Wargar, the most common enemies in the game.
Activating the Deathstone on corpses can reveal information from the spirit of the deceased.
The Wargar have rounded up the townspeople of Dyfed and driven them underground.
E'lara fighting two Wargar crossbowmen, this type fire exploding arrows.
Meeting with Seraphine after defeating one of the larger enemies in the game.
E'lara and Caddoc have a tit for tat rapport with each other.
Caddoc can cast the Wind of Wrath spell which holds enemies helpless in the air for a time, ideal for E'lara to finish them off from a distance.
Checking the stats of a weapon pick-up.
Using a pillar as cover.
These enemies are called Harridan, and teleport a lot.
Chapter 4, City of Llyer.
The Scarlet Maid Tavern.
Caddoc arguing with the King.
One of the many loading screens.
Fighting a Minotaur.
Fighting a demon.
FMV cutscene.
Demons can raise a shield around themselves.
Using the Deathstone.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Title Screen
Selection Screen
Crucible (Editor) Screen
Crucible Elements
It's raining
Ingame Menu
Current Objectives
Character Abilities
Character Talents
Caddoc information
E'lara information
Sometimes, you have to progress together
This altar is used to switch characters ingame
Surprising two enemies
One type of collectibles: Dead bodies
Talking to the Dead
Sniping again
Let's push it!
Together opening a door
I am no cylone!
My axe is way bigger
This blue light shows the way
Epic loot inside
Second type of collectibles: crystals
Riddle me this
Magic screen
Come to daddy!
Third type of collectibles: prisoners!
Resurrection vial
Final (!) collectible type: dragon tears
Finally some fresh air
And blood red flowers
Temple in the distance ... we will get there
If you see this ...
... you usually get lots of this
Another outdoor area
with cows .... I mean minotaurs
Game supports local split-screen