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Hunter Screenshots

Amiga version

Hunter Amiga Title Screen

Title Screen

Hunter Amiga Main Menu

Main Menu

Hunter Amiga View Soldier

View Soldier

Hunter Amiga Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing

Hunter Amiga Home Base

Home Base

Hunter Amiga Inventory


Hunter Amiga Riding a bike

Riding a bike

Hunter Amiga Inside Headquarters

Inside Headquarters

Hunter Amiga Inside a house

Inside a house

Hunter Amiga Driving a boat

Driving a boat

Hunter Amiga Flying a helicopter

Flying a helicopter

Hunter Amiga Log Book

Log Book

Hunter Amiga Swimming at the edge on level border

Swimming at the edge on level border

Hunter Amiga Map overlay view

Map overlay view

Hunter Amiga Using enemy clothes

Using enemy clothes

Hunter Screenshots

Atari ST version

Hunter Atari ST Title screen

Title screen

Hunter Atari ST Main menu

Main menu

Hunter Atari ST Your first mission

Your first mission

Hunter Atari ST The starting location

The starting location

Hunter Atari ST In-game map

In-game map

Hunter Atari ST Travelling by boat

Travelling by boat

Hunter Atari ST A church

A church

Hunter Atari ST Driving a tank

Driving a tank

Hunter Atari ST Inside a storage shed

Inside a storage shed

Hunter Atari ST Your mission is incomplete

Your mission is incomplete