Hydlide Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

The game opens with a demo mode.
Select a new play or continue an old one by entering a password.
Start your quest.
Fight off evil monsters.
Walk through forrests... but Evil may walk behind you!
Dead men walking around at a graveyard.
An item! You better pick it up.
Entering a dungeon, house or shop.
You must fight those demons.

NES version

Title screen
An epic battle with a slime
Japanese title screen
Setup screen
Outside a castle with a dungeon
In the castle's dungeon
A dungeon full of wisps
In-game menus
Found a fairy in a tree
A graveyard
A castle, well fortified between water and desert
Swimming, avoiding an eel
Evil wizards roaming the countryside
After rescuing all 3 fairies, they transport you to the final castle
A ferocious dragon guards the castle
The big demon, plus a lot of henchmen

PC-88 version

Title screen
Oh wow, English!..
Starting location
Now that's a maze...
Near the graveyard
Going through a forest
Hey, don't scare me like that...
Battle in a desert...
...and in a dungeon
This place looks very weird...
I enjoy swimming, but those guys keep shooting arrows at me..

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Start of the game, unlike the PC-88 original the screen scrolls in this Sharp X1 version
Zombies roam around the cemetery
Now that I have the cross I can kill the Vampire in this dungeon
Vampire dropped a lamp which illuminates all of the dark caves like this one
Game Over