Hydra Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen.
Level select.
Your mission.
Mission start.
Shoot the baddies.
Tunnel action.

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen and credits
Opening intro
Loading the virus.
Away we go. Rocks ahead.
In a tunnel
Loading the next area.
Out of fuel.
I can repeat the latest loaded part of the stage with more fuel.
Fine, keep your dirty crown jewels!
Guess this is supposed to be the Rhine...

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your profile.
Next Mission.
Transport the virus.
Zooming on the river.
Shoot the boats.
Shot or avoid it.
Boosting and flying.
In a tunnel.
Zooming along the beach.
Bonuses in the air.
Another tunnel.
Made it.
Bonus time.
In the shop.
Next Mission.
Transport the Crown Jewels.
Avoid the obstacles.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Level select
Level introduction screen
Gameplay on level one
Racing along the shore...
A crash!
The Cuba level

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen

Lynx version

ROM initialization screen
Pick a difficulty level
Your first piece of cargo: Mutant Virus
In-game shot

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen. This displays for a while, it is replaced with a black screen telling I must stop the tape & press the space bar
So the good guys have intercepted a virus and I must deliver it top the sterilization labs in Baja, California
Start of the game. The virus is in the crate. When its loaded an icon appears in the space between the two screen headings showing Colorado, start point, and the cash earned
I'm off
This is the main enemy I came up against, some kind of robotic trash can that tries to get in the way
It is possible to travel 'off-road'. No enemies to get in the way but no bonus items to collect either and I don't think I travelled as fast.
There's a balloon ahead. I think this is a bonus item
Any crash, whether with a robot or part of the scenery, means that the virus is lost. Here it is being transported from the wreckage, it's also gone from the top of the screen
The chase to recover the virus is on hold as I am out of fuel. There are three tanks so once I have used this reserve I have one more left - then I'll probably need more supplies
This is what a tunnel looks like from the outside
This is what a tunnel looks like from the inside. Looks like its lit by torches, well this is an old game I suppose. The white thing I am chasing is, I believe, the enemy craft that stole the virus
Bother, just as I was gaining on the white craft
Just shot a robot but there's still one between me and the thing I'm chasing. They do tend to cluster around it
From somewhere I've picked up some special weapons, though lobbing nukes around does seem a little over the top
I may have nukes but I'm still firing plain old bullets. The craft I'm chasing is dead ahead with a couple of, what I hope are, supply balloons around it
Yup, three supply balloons so I'll just shoot these robots, pick them up, then take care of that other craft and recover the virus
Noooooo! Game over!