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Atari ST version

Title picture
Game "menu" (you can start the game from this screen and return to here after a game over)
Level 1: the first bigger enemy. He has lots of fire power, but that does not matter: even the smallest bullet kills you on the first hit
Solid wall ahead. But beware: the are turrets looking like the wall inside. These shot and can be destroyed, creating a passage through the wall
Nobody told them fast formations from behind are not very cool... (maybe somebody told them but they ignored that)
A, one item to pump the extras: see right side, the counter currently is on two (ship speed boost) and will jump to three after collection
Extra weapon activated: power shot
Level bosses are announced (which is used for loading them) - a welcome short break to concentrate again
End-of-level boss. Huge fat whatever thing
There it passes away
Level 2: the turrets are far better visible than in level 1
Yeah, well. This game is tough. You will see this very often