iBomber Defense: Pacific Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen
Campaign map
Mission objective
Replay previous missions
Kokoda Track
Battle of Savo island
Midway Atoll
Mission Complete
Assign victory points
Picking perks

Macintosh version

Title / main menu
Leader Boards
Bonus stages are locked until level 12
Battle map
Mission objectives
Battle of Savo Island - gun placement
Battle of Savo Island - wave 10 they are streaming in
Loading screens provide tips on gameplay
Mission complete Full House
Victory points used to upgrade weapons
Profile perks additions
Tulagi defense
Operation Mai airfield defense
Battle of Tenaru - surprise attack
Battle of Tenaru wave 15 of 15 bombing tanks and under air raid attack

Windows version

Title screen (demo version)
Main menu (demo version)
Mission briefing
Infantry is taken down by machine guns fast.
Armoured cars...good that big guns are available.
Victory is mine!
"Opening" a supply crate.
Secondary objective: Destroy enemy HQ! I guess I need some bombs.
The units with the red outline are enemy defenders. They will attack your turrets if they are in range.
The unlockable perks.
Flame throwers will slow down the enemy.
Air raid!!!
The fights were brutal.
The next missions have ground and air units.