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iPhone version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Mission Selection
Mission Briefing
Attacking enemy cruisers
A near miss
The radar shows the location of mission objectives
Bombing supply ships in the harbor
The harbor entrance is guarded by cruisers
In every mission there is a clear objective, for instance destroying a certain number of ships
The objective in the first mission is to destroy this refinery
The destroyed oil tank has released a health pickup
In this mission we need to defend our fleet.
Direct hit!
The Grand Slam bomb wipes out an entire island
Rocket bombs make aiming easier and are perfect for attacking ships
Bombing an airstrip
Hunting submarines
Not as peaceful as it looks
Raining death and destruction
Firing cluster bombs
This is not an empty island... the light green spots are hidden air defenses
Hitting the small fighter planes with bombs is difficult, but possible
Enemy bombers are actually dangerous - they fire on our plane with their machine guns while our only weapon is bombs
It is difficult to aim with cluster bombs. Then again, it is not really necessary
The big AA guns are really dangerous
Hitting ships only takes a little practice
Bombing a large aircraft carrier

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  • iBomber Screenshot
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