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Ice Hockey

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Ice Hockey is an excellent NES game for both one and two players. NES gakon5 (3)

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NESPower Play
Dieses Modul ist eines der absolut besten Sportspiele und die spannendste Eishockey-Simulation, die ich je gesehen habe. Auf haargenaue Pässe, wuchtige Schlagschüsse und gekonntes Überzahlspiel muß man bei Ice Hockey nicht verzichten. Das superschnelle Scrolling sowie die sorgfältig gezeichneten und animierten Sprites tragen viel zur Qualität dieses Glanzstücks bei. Wer Mannschaftssport-Simulationen schätzt, muß sich eigentlich allein wegen dieses Moduls ein Nintendo-Videospiel kauten!
NESVideo Games
Ein eiskaltes Vergnügen: Ob gegen den Computer oder einen Freund – diese Eishockeysimulation bietet jede Menge Spaß, Spannung und Tempo.
NESDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Very few decent hockey games ever appeared on the NES. The only other game that immediately jumps to mind is Blades of Steel. Ice Hockey remains the first and still, even to this day, one of the absolute best. A quick pick up and play game that you NEED to play on a regular basis.
Ice Hockey may not be the most perfect gaming experience on the NES, or even the best sports game, but 20 years later, it’s still fun to play. It’s hard to imagine a time when Nintendo published first-party sports games that didn’t feature Mario and company, but that was once the case. Despite the simplicity in the controls and the lack of options when creating a team, it’s hard not to have a good time while playing this game. The good news is that this game is available via Nintendo’s Virtual Console, and well worth the $5 price tag. If you’re a fan of an era where sports games focused more on fun gameplay than realistic graphics, then chances are you will enjoy Ice Hockey.
In writing this review, I think that I've discovered that which makes this game so gosh-darn charming: its simplicity. Most of your sports game today have so many buttons to use and so many choices to make that it's overwhelming; it's nice to be able to just pick up a controller and play a game of virtual hockey without having to memorize 500 different button combinations to merely make it past the title screen. It's nice to have choices, but in a world of ultimately customizable hockey games, it's refreshing to have a game like Ice Hockey for the NES in your collection. It isn't the best hockey game out there, but it's probably more fun than most of those games ending in '04. Check it out if you can.
NESThe Video Game Critic
It's not in the same league as Blades of Steel, but Nintendo's Ice Hockey offers its own brand of entertaining gameplay. It's a kinder, gentler hockey game with simple graphics and small, cartoonish players. Before each game, you can customize each of your player's physiques to be skinny, fat, or medium. The skinnier guys are faster but less powerful, so you'll want to build a team that best reflects your playing style. The bright, attractive ice rink scrolls from side to side. Passing and shooting the puck is fairly easy, but it's hard to tell what players you control on the defense, since he only flashes faintly. Controlling your goalie is surprisingly easy, even in the midst of the frantic action. Ice Hockey's gameplay is wide-open and fast-paced, and the computer opponent is tough. The game is also famous for its catchy background music and zambonis that polish the ice during intermissions. It may take a back seat to Blades of Steel, but Ice Hockey is still a winner.
WiiNintendo Life
When compared to the dreadful NES Sports Soccer which came a few years prior to this, the differences really show. Ice Hockey is just a joy to play, playing the CPU will keep you entertained for a while, but of course the game truly shines when competing against a buddy. Many NES fans claim that Konami’s Blades of Steel which was released at the same time is a superior game, but we think there is not much between them.
Were you an Icer in the '80s, or was yours a heart of Steel? Konami's rival game hasn't yet been announced for release on the Virtual Console, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. Japan already has titles from the Big K available for download – Super Castlevania IV, Contra III: The Alien Wars. They even have an NES title on offer in the form of Gradius. So Blades of Steel's likelihood of imminent arrival is good, just not confirmed. What will you do? It's 500 points, friends, and you can go either way. You can invest now in Ice Hockey, enjoying the antics of overweight skaters checking underfed opponents. Or you can wait, biding your time and hoping for that inevitable press release. My advice? Don't be a waiter. Pull on your parka and step into the chill – if you're a hockey fan of any kind, download Ice Hockey.
Ich hielt zwar Konamis Blades of Steel schon immer für die bessere, weil dynamischere Adaption des Sports, aber auch Ice Hockey legt einem keine Steine in den Weg, wenn es darum geht, sich mit einem Freund ein paar schnelle Pucks um die Ohren zu dreschen. Wer sich ein Sportspiel aus dem NES-Angebot picken möchte, der sollte definitiv zu diesem greifen.
Das simple Gerangel auf dem Eis hat inzwischen bestenfalls einen trashigen Charme. Nichtsdestotrotz lächelt einen das Spielchen alle paar Monate mal wieder an, da es einen an die guten alte NES-Nachmittage mit seinem besten Kumpel erinnert. Wer dem Spiel keinen Retro-Bonus abgewinnen kann, ignoriert "Ice Hockey" allerdings besser.