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Icewind Dale

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Manual Addenda - Spells and ScrollsContributed by Jeanne (75522) on Nov 15, 2001.

(Contributor's Note: These were pasted directly from the README.TXT file installed with the game. Formatting for better organization, viewing (and printing) were the only things changed.)

Many of the spells in Icewind Dale were tweaked or changed after the manual was completed. The in-game descriptions for the spells do reflect the changes which are listed here:

Aid - duration is 1 round + 1 round/level
Animal Summoning I - duration is 5 turns
Animate Dead - spellcaster can animate up to 1 hit dice/level of undead
Anti-Magic Shell - actually prevents any spells cast on or by the caster
Call Lightning - does 2-16 + 1-8/level damage
Chaos - has a 20-foot radius, duration is 1 round/level, casting time is 5
Chromatic Orb - this spell tops out at the 5th to 6th-level effect which deals 1-12 damage and stuns the target for three rounds. All higher level effects where removed.
CloudKill - has a 15-foot radius, duration is 1 turn
Creeping Doom - duration is 1 turn
Death Fog - duration is 15 rounds
Death Spell - has a 30-foot radius
Decastave - drains hit points on every strike, not just the first
Emotion: Courage - duration is 5 turns
Emotion: Fear - duration is 5 rounds
Emotion: Hopelessness - duration is 1 turn
Emotion: Hope - duration is 5 turns
Fire Storm - has a 25-foot radius
Flame Blade - duration is 4 rounds + 1 round/level
Flame Strike - targets the area, not a specific creature
Ghoul Touch - does not require a to-hit roll
Glyph of Warding - addendum to spell description: Resting or leaving the area the Glyph of Warding is in will make it disappear harmlessly.
Hold Animal - has a 20-foot radius
Hold Monster - has a 20-foot radius
Hold Person - duration is 1 round/level of the caster
Insect Plague - has a 25-foot radius, duration is 15 rounds
Invisibility Purge - affects everyone in the current area
Mass Invisibility - has a 30-foot radius
Mental Domination - does not require the priest to be within range and does not prohibit him from casting other spells
Mind Blank - works only on the caster
Protection from Fire - does not actually have different effects depending on who the recipient of the spell is
Raise Dead and Resurrection Scrolls
Raise Dead and Resurrection Scrolls work only in the area in which the character actually died. Casting these spells will work anywhere within the game when memorized.
Remove Fear - has a 30-foot radius, duration is 1 turn
Rigid Thinking - area of effect is any one creature
Skull Trap - has a 10-foot radius of damage
Skull Trap - addendum to spell description: Resting or leaving the area the Skull Trap is in will make it disappear harmlessly.
Spike Stones - has a 15-foot radius, duration is 15 rounds
Static Charge - does 2-16 + 1-8/level damage
Stinking Cloud - duration is 1 turn
Strength - description should read as follows: Upon application of this spell the target's strength is magically increased by an amount depending on its class. Clerics and Thieves gain 1-6 points, Fighters gain 1-8 points, and Mages gain 1-4 points. For Fighters only, all points above a strength of 18 are converted into a 10% bonus for each extra point, to a maximum of an 18/00 strength. For other classes 18 strength is the maximum.
Sunray - description should read as follows:
Sunray (Evocation, Alteration)
Level: 7
Sphere: Sun
Range: Sight of Caster
Duration: 4 rounds
Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: 15-foot radius
Saving Throw: None
This spell allows the caster to evoke a dazzling beam of light from the sky that lasts 4 rounds. Creatures in the area of effect must make a saving throw vs. spells or be blinded for 1-3 rounds. Undead or fungoid creatures in the area of effect also take 8-48 points of damage (half damage if they make a saving throw vs. spell).
Symbol of Hopelessness - duration is 2 turns, save is at -2 penalty
Web - duration is 15 rounds

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