If My Heart Had Wings Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Game options.
Main title.
Fateful meeting.
Helping the damsel in distress.
Dialog and options can be hidden to see only the background image and characters.
You can check log for missed dialogues or to replay them.
What the... no, this really is the right address.
The girls seem to be speechless at the fact that their new dormitory mother is a male student about their age.
Looks like you mom's behind all this... but at least it won't cost much.
Another hectic day at the dormitory.
Trying to force something to remember works just the opposite way.
A new day, time to make breakfast and prepare for school.
Kanako doesn't seem to mind you're a boy and rather enjoys your cooking.
Arriving at the school.
Long time no see... meeting Ageha, your best friend from childhood days.
In the classroom.
She looks lost in thoughts, doesn't even realize I'm standing next to her.
Meeting an old and very close friend who is one of the few to know about your accident.
Kotori seems to be looking for something in your room.
No matter the location you're in, day and night cycles will affect the background image.
Kotori doesn't like to be disturbed while sleeping.
Food shopping with Kotori and Ageha.
Hanging out with your childhood friends during the weekend.
They're over-thinking some things, I'll sayeth.
Meeting a familiar looking girl at the beach.
There's a lot of commotion at the glider club.
Helping Kotori get into the bath.
Time to start checking the things off of this wishlist.
Kotori and Aoi sharing their life stories with each other.
Reading Itsuka's long-lost diary stirring some nostalgic memories for Amane.
Tobioka is a typical example of a bad teacher that does not care what students want or think.
Secret girl talk.
This looks like a good place to make a runway... but cutting all that grass may take time.
Winch is being used to pull the glider until it gains momentum and altitude.
First test fly in a glider... looking at the town below.
Kotori doesn't want to change even in front of Hat.
Some options are unavailable for selection on your first playthrough.
Throwing Amane off the cliff is one way to force her to learn to swim.
Enjoying small fireworks for Amane's secret party.
Time to reach the Morning Glory, the soaring team's main goal.
Guess the flying isn't going as planned.
A shocking discovery of a school garage used for soaring club being demolished.
Twin sisters will be staying at Flying Fish manor, but they came in a day early.
Err, we just need to move the glider out of your bedroom.
Kotori seems to be enjoying the bike ride very much.
It was about time for Kotori and Aoi to make it official.
On a date with Kotori, trying the famous cake.
After working so hard for almost two years, it would be disappointing to give everything up now.