Ikari III: The Rescue Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
Blood punch
Barrel can explode
Pack of enemies
In hangar
I'm surrounded
Run with gun
Leave me alone!
Helicopter to destroy
Big guy in big house
Blue guys
Game Over

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Starting a new game (EGA)
Gameplay (EGA)
Outnumbered! (EGA)
Collect weapons from the enemy after killing them (EGA)
Your mission failed (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Start a new game (CGA)
Gameplay (CGA)
Watch out for explosions! (CGA)
Your mission has failed (CGA)

NES version

Title screen
Japan Title screen
Dropped on a road to destruction
Our protagonist arrives only with his fists and feet
The pause menu has no helpful information available during gameplay
This game is pretty difficult!
The intro cut-scene shows the plan to kidnap the Presidential candidate's daughter.
Your tank... about to blow up.
Yes, those barrels do explode.
The first boss is this near impossible tank.
Entering a base.
This mid-level boss throws shuriken.
This boss throws land mines.
Are you guys throwing soldiers at me?!
A landmine goes off while some enemies feign death.
These awesome jetpack flamethrower guys only appear once.
The fight in the rapids.
Watch for falling boulders.
Inside the caverns.
This short guy doesn't seem like much trouble until his twin shows up.
Going into the water cut-scene.
Harpooning underwater.
How did a battleship get in here?
This boss shoots harpoons and calls mines down on you.
A morningstar swinging enemy.
I have to shoot the train/tank with this pea shooter?
Finding the girl cut-scene.
Now, to get her out!
An intense fight in the hangar.
This boss just wants to throw me around.
2 player game