Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Raidi in front of the tower
Dungeon exploration
Items menu
Status screen
Fighting a weretiger
You will see this empty room a lot
Werebat: before...
...and after
This little enemy has no chance
Found a treasure chest
Imprisoned girls
The werewolf is torturing a girl
Boss battle against the werewolf
This is what happens if Raidi loses
You found a map for the floor

PC-98 version

Title screen
Raidi in front of the tower
Tower, first floor
Raidi's stats
Equipment menu
She doesn't wear much already, how hard would it be to make her undress completely?..
This room is empty. The imprisoned girls are not here. You'll see this same graphic A LOT
Weretiger. Looks cool :)
Oh, hi honey. What did you want, take a shower together?
Item menu
That's how the battle system here works: before...
...and after!
The textures are different on this floor. Otherwise, it's extremely monotonous
Disgusting. Typical Zyx. They like those sadistic things
Let's kill this beast!
But no, Raidi loses. And now she will be tortured by this thing...
Imprisoned girls
Another sadistic female boss
Defeated her!
This is what Rubens would paint if he lived now. And if he were drunk, stoned, Japanese, out of his mind, and working for Zyx
Believe it or not, this knight is also female!
Fighting the dark knight boss
Yay, got a map! It's all clear now. And look at this nice door!
Behind this nice door is a man! One of the few men in this game. He is real nice, actually. At least he doesn't torture Raidy
Ghostly enemy
he might have a snake tail, but I wonder where she buys her bras. Stylish, really!
Found some stairs. They lead into another depressingly same dungeon floor
Wow, this monster is cool! Dig the goat )
Raidi has to go through some sort of torture every time she loses to a boss