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Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
... him twin appears
Bigger ship
Over forest
Enemy base
Homing plasma

FM Towns version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Getting ready
Flying over the sea
These guys fire missiles at me
Settings, this game supports 3D-Scope, it's compatible with the 3D glasses from both the Master System and the Famicom (Famicom 3D System)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Fifth boss
Barely made it, if you get below 90% destruction ratio in the first five Combat Training Stages you will end up in the nearly impossible PENALTY ZONE
On to the last 3 levels called "Real Combat Stages"
Level 6
Level 7
Paused the game at level 8
Final boss

NES version

Title screen
So, I guess everything is... OK!
The first stage
Hey, I don't want candies
A forest stage. Look at that upgrade!
On every platform there is a pesky robot. Not to mention all those ships shooting at me...
Those five green containers will turn into power-ups if you destroy them!
You are approaching a base which is defended by turrets
Trying to get between the two dangerous places...
Whoa! Now THAT's a power-up! Shoot simultaneously in two directions
You must destroy those annoying bricks
This was too much for you... you are dead
This upgrade allows you to shoot bubbles at enemies. You can control the direction if you press directional buttons together with the "fire" button
This level looks... creepy. Evil plants are shooting little red things at me
It's dark. Enemy ships are shooting direct projectiles at me
No! Don't throw stones!!
See that little pod to the left of my ship? Now I can shoot twice as much as before!
Am I welcome here? What do you think?

Sharp X68000 version

First level
The Pod attaches to the side of the ship, red one can be aimed at enemies, blue one fires straight
The butterfly-shaped device to the right of the enemy attaches at the front of the ship and greatly improves its fire power
First boss
The first five levels are "Combat Training Stages" where you must achieve a 90% destruction ratio to reveal the three "Real Combat" stages
Second level
Third boss fires many homing lasers

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen.
Choose the dificulty.
Shot mode selection screen.
Shooting some enemies.
Activating speed level 4.
That green container carries weapon upgrades.
With a mini orbital cannon upgrade.
Game over.
What a lousy score...