Impossamole Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen.
Level 1.
Watch the baddies.
Platform action.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Press fire to play
The level select is very plain in this version.
The Klondike level
Even the miners are against Monty.
The Orient level

Atari ST version

Title screen
Level selection
Start of the Klondike mine level
Collect that
Climbing a rope so as to avoid the runaway mine cart
Using a ladder
Down a level
Another mine-cart
Starting in the orient
Heading through the forest
An assortment of ladders and ledges
Get the gold
Crossing the river
In front of that green vine
Nice house
Nice hut
I'm ravine I'm ravine
This gun will cause old-school Monty fans nightmares
This layout's rather Lemmings-esque
Climbing trees
It's behind you!
Very Roman-looking stone there
Climbing towards the cable-cars you must use here
Notice the rolling snowball - they're deadly

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Level selection
The mine level
Mind the wagon
I got a gun
On conveyor belts over a pit of acid
First boss fight against a spitting caterpillar
The Orient level
Though it's called Orient, the level has a far and not near eastern theme.
Found a screen with bonus items
The ninjas perfectly blend in with their black clothing.
Another mole
The second boss is a dragon
The pictures of completed levels have been shot through.
The Amazonian forest
Yikes, I do not want to get in range of that tongue!
The stemmers dwarf you for a while
An evil tree is the third boss
Iceland level
On a cable car cabin

TurboGrafx-16 version

Title screen
Game start, attacked by a mouse
Throwing a box at a camera while the clouds attack with rain
This gun fires strange bullets

ZX Spectrum version

Splash screen
Main menu. Whenever the player returns here this screen shows the last score. There is no hi-score table
When the player starts a game they are given a choice of levels to play
The start of the KLONDIKE level
KLONDIKE level : Nice explosion when a bat is killed
KLONDIKE level : Made it across the river, I wonder if the little green man is friendly?
Obviously the green man was not friendly, game over. No hi-scores or anything similar. The next screen is the main menu.
The ICELAND level starts like this
ICELAND level : Monty leaps over an oncoming snow boulder
ICELAND level : There are bonus items on all levels to collect - the ice cream cone in front of Monty is one of them
ICELAND level : Even the birds are dangerous. This flying penguin finished Monty off
The AMAZON level starts here. There's a nasty green snake creeping down from the left
AMAZON level : Both snake and monkey are history, what lies ahead?
AMAZON level : Lots of green birds, snakes and crocodiles ahead
The ORIENT level starts here
ORIENT level : The blue thing fires bullets every 2 seconds or so - so its important to time the climb and the jump for the bonus item, the cup of tea, carefully
ORIENT level : Done it! Now I'm in the tree preparing for the next jump
ORIENT level : Just noticed that the birds are origami models. Nice touch. The cloud shoots rain drops and does come after Monty
ORIENT level : Monty missed the last jump and landed on a bird. Bad news because it stayed with him and killed him