In Between 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The start of a game sees the players with $100 each

Unregistered version
The help file opens in a new re-sizeable window
The first round has been dealt. All players have paid their $1 ante and the game has begun
The first two players have lost their stake
This illustrates a special case. Obviously when two adjacent cards are dealt the player can never get a third card that falls between them so they must pass
Another special case. The third card dealt is a three of diamonds. This is equal to the player's lowest card. In such a situation the player loses double their stake
The player wins and, because all three cards are of the same suit, they receive $5 from each other player
When the player is dealt an ace they must decide whether it is to be treated as a high or a low card
The in-game statistics
This is the screen where opponents playing style can be customised