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In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood Screenshots

PlayStation version

Intro. Main character infiltrating enemy base
Intro. Captured and tortured.
Title screen
One of the artwork
Control tutorial
The first location you get to visit.
Dialogue. Selecting a topic to ask the informant
Emptying the pocket of the guard I just silenced. The lighter will come in handy.
Viewing Mission Objective on character's PDA.
Map of the area
Generally, running around and shooting everything is not what you want to do.
This level only has workers, who are listening to some football match on radio.
Asking a mechanic for some info.
At first, I thought this guy was armed, and tried to sneak attack him
Turns out he's unarmed, and quite a helpful fellow, if a little gullible
Hooking the character's PDA with the machine for more information.
Same corridor, different approach
Stealth kills are much safer
This reminds me of Resident Evil 3 for some reason.

In Cold Blood Screenshots

Windows version

Don't shoot too much. Use your head instead
There are some NPCs you can talk to
Use your "Remora" to hack into other computers
Wander through complex structures
Hide in the shadows