In Search of the Most Amazing Thing Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Welcome text when you start the demonstration
The "B-Liner"
Controls (shown in the demo)
Uncle Smoke
Down with the elevator
In the store
One of the aisles
At an auction

Commodore 64 version

Want to see a demo first?
Title screen
The background story
Using the elevator
Uncle Smoke
The "B-liner" is your travelling device.
Entering the city of Metallica
Crowd's reaction to a suggested price at an auction

DOS version

Introduction - A letter from Uncle Smoke
Main Title - With you flying about with your jet pack
That's the B-Liner and the city entrance to Metallica. You turned invisible for some odd reason...
Welcome to the underground city of Metallica! It seems your uncle is the only person that has his own joint...
Your uncle Smoke (or what's left of him). He sleeps a lot now, so you have to wake him up lightly (or else he'll get angry and you won't get any stuff)
This is the have to move your cart to the shelves to see the items