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    Someone's dead. Someone's lying. Can you prove Murder One?

    Some artists die for their art. James Tobin killed... or did he? As San Francisco's D.A., you must prove he did, in what has become the most sensational murder case to hit the Bay Area in years.

    Who will lead you to the truth? The passionate girlfriend of the accused? The socially connected wife of the victim? Perhaps his bitter apprentice? Every reluctant witness and shred of evidence is required to paint a homicidal portrait as chilling and surreal as one of Tobin's own paintings.

    And as if that weren't enough, everyone will be watching you on this one- especially the media. Call your first witness, Counselor, Can you prove murder... In The First Degree?

    - Stunning cinematography and brilliant performances enhance the drama. - Intuitive interface makes game play easy to understand. - Numerous plot twists and possible verdicts create a new experience each time you play.

    Contributed by R_H (28) on Aug 09, 2002.

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    Someone's Dead. Someone's Lying. Can you prove murder one?

    Contributed by ReviewGames.Com (338) on Jul 22, 2000.