Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS:
    Lake TITICACA, 21st June 1525

    "When Kon Tiki Viracocha created our civilization he already knew ... Our sun, Inti, would cease to shine for a long time on "Tawantinsuyu", the four corners of the Empire. I felt ominous premonitions like a Tumi in my heart: catastrophies, earthquakes and finally, the arrival of these bearded savages in our lands. Let them delude themselves with this gold which blinds them so. Oh! they'll be looking for the Inca treasure for a long time.

    The real Treasure of the Incas - our knowledge - I have hidden it away in a safe place. I can now leave this worn-out, bodily, shell, to become APU and wait for the prophecy to be fulfilled. "A man will come in an iridescent disc, the fires of which will re-light our sleeping sun, Inti. "Like Viracocha, I know that one day, El Dorado will come. This mere mortal will once again find the forces and become the new Inca. I will be there to guide you, the CHOSEN ONE."

    Huayna Capac, the last grand Inca.

    A major interactive film transposing through space and time the shock of the confrontation between the North American Indians and the Europeans.
    • Piloting the "Tumi" in space-time to discover the planets.
    • Free movement through pre-calculated sythesised scenes.
    • Interaction with filmed characters inserted into the game.
    • Digital sound effects, original music and song entitled "INCA PEOPLE" (available on CD).

    Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on May 01, 2007.

Back Cover - Multimedia Edition:

    Plunge headlong into a stunning
    interactive movie where cultures
    class and legends live.

    Embark on a mystic mission through time and space with INCA-CD, a spectacular showcase of multimedia capability. You must unite these powers to become El Dorado, the Golden Champion, and bring about the rebirth of the legendary Inca Empire.

    Phenomenal video-captured animation sequences raise your enemies to a new level of realism as you face them in mortal combat. Advanced flight simulation technology allows you to soar through space to destroy enemy spacecraft, explore lost ruins on distant worlds, and conquer hostile star systems.

    INCA-CD's amazing graphics and soundtrack will transport you to a mythic place that transcends space and time. Unleash the true power of multimedia. Live the legend of INCA.

    INCA-CD Features
    • Award-winning graphics and first-person perspective make INCA-CD an interactive movie.

    • Full-frame video animation creates true-to-life cinematic characters.

    • Exciting arcade sequences using flight simulation technology will rivet you to your computer.

    • Sensational stereo soundtrack with authentic Incan instruments, singing, and distinct themes you control.

    • Intriguing and challenging puzzles based on ancient Incan folklore.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on Nov 09, 2005.