The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu where the player creates a character before choosing the game mode to play.
The loader screen that appears between scenarios also shows your progress through the story.
No randomly generated terrain, the maps are handmade. The game is also idiot-proof and won't let you fall off a cliff.
Here in this brief cut-scene between scenarios a bridge is blown up to explain why you have to go to the nearby village of Markovna instead of the main town Borgova.
The UI follows standards set by Diablo, a character panel ('C' on keyboard) and an inventory panel ('I' on keyboard).
The UI also provides visual clues when level up points are available. The pop up window shown is a basic tutorial tip.
On the left is the journal/quest panel, on the right is a unique feature showing a character's 'Glory Points'. Shrine of Virtue in the middle is a temporary bonus.
On the right shows the skills panel with the skill trees that are available. The character panel on the left has a tab to show detail information.
When your reputation advances you can activate perks. The pop-up window is one of several advanced tutorial tips.
Even with my game set to low graphical details the game is quite lovely to see. On the right a mob is about to attack.
When the game detects a game controller is plugged in the UI is arranged quite differently.