The Incredible Machine Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Company logo
Title screen
Instructions for the first puzzle
Building a machine
Can you make all three guns fire?
The cat chases the mouse...
You need to construct a machine to pop the balloon
You can create machines in free form mode

FM Towns version

This title screen appears to be unique to the FM-Towns version
Info about the Japanese version
The regular title screen
The first puzzle
Give it a go?
You can make your own puzzles
Puzzle selection

PC-98 version

Setup is done from within the game executable
Title screen
Puzzle options menu
Puzzle selection
Create your own puzzle!
First puzzle. Introducing the basic elements. Looks pretty simple, right?
Symmetry is the key! :)
Introducing balloons and scissors
Now with boxer gloves and bowling balls!
This begins to look more complex...
Firearms! Violence in video games?.. :)
Complex machinery
Fiddling with gravity...
Introducing cannons and dynamite!
Tying the rope
Aww, how cute :))
My favorite: starting the machine and letting the ball hit the monkey on the head :)
Build a bridge!
This looks... surreal
This one looks rather abstract, I'd say
A pistol duel between a cat and a fish! No, really! :)
...and this is the result if you don't bother to build the machine... :)
Goal: catch the mouse! :)
The goal is not to prevent explosion, but to cause it!.. :)
Nice level design :)
Monkey labor... that's against monkey rights!..
Oh wow, that's a lot of cats :)
Some puzzles look deceptively simple. They are not