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Back of box - UK:
    For years they have lain dormant, hidden from the prying eyes of the Human Race. But now they are awake, and responding to the warcry of their kinfolk. You thought it was over ofter conquering INCUBATION — YOU WERE WRONG!

    Amongst the hidden depths of the planet Scayra are 10 extra missions, never before available on CD in the UK, ranging from the sublime to the psychotic.

    Work your way through the Powerstation, using lifts, ramps and anything else at your disposal. Each level has it’s own unique features. Close off airducts to stop the Scay’Ger pouring into rooms. Trap the Gor’Ther on lifts then take pot-shots at them from a safe distance, or experience the special INSTANT ACTION level that puts you in the middle of a Scay’Ger infested hall with just 2000 experience points to play with.

    As a special bonus, INCUBATION — Hidden Worlds contains the unique INCUBATION memory game that will test your mental prowess and see if you are strong enough to take on some of the most fiendish missions ever devised.

    • 10 exciting and challenging new missions
    • Amazing new memory game to test your mental prowess
    • Exciting INCUBATION demo to get you started
    • INCUBATION patch: play against your friends on MPlayer
    • Direct X 5.0
    • Internet Explorer v4.01

    Contributed by Luis Silva (13622) on Mar 18, 2006.