Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The menu screen
Watch out, Indy !!!!
Visit Ancient Sites
Careful with that gun, Indy
Fight giant octopuses
Fight Multiple Enemies
There are no rules in the jungle, You can even fight using chairs !!!
Kick Ass
Indy finds great help in maps
What's Indy without his whip ?
Travel through beautiful landscapes
Ceylon Waterfalls
Overlooking Ceylon
The Rope Bridge over River of Fangs, Ceylon.
In The Mouth of Madness
The Giant Albino Alligator
Meeting Mei Ying at School
Transition Screen, just like in the movies!
Prague dungeon traps
About to get whacked in the face with a piece a wood.
Indy snapshot in Prague
The beautiful castle in Prague
Machine Gun Fire
The view from the Castle
Giving him a good shaking.
The library
Istanbul Jones
In-game collection of artifacts
This Is My Boomstick
The Astrologer's Clock
The Gates of Neptune
The U-Boat Base
Skeleton with a medkit and MP-40 ammo
Nazi Firebug
Terror at 2000 Feet