inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4)

inFAMOUS: Second Son Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Title Screen
Controlling the main character.
Becoming a conduit.
Can't control his new powers.
Pressing O while using the smoke power allows you to dash through objects.
Flashback scenes are told in comic book style cutscenes seen in previous games.
Delsin using his chain attack with smoke.
Meeting D.U.P. leader Brooke Augustine for the first time.
At certain points you will be given a choice that will directly effect your karma.
With enough karma you will advance to a higher level allowing you to unlock more powers.
Delsin arguing with his brother.
Draining core relays will always give you a new ability.
Using his smoke shot ability to get a blast shard.
Draining energy from a power source.
Using his powers to remove obstacles.
Enemies are no match for Delsin.
Smoke powers allow you to hover across gaps.
Crossing the bridge to San Francisco.
Long range attack.
The D.U.P. have cement powers and occasionally miniguns.
Those flying things are blast shards which are your source for upgrading your powers.
Completing a certain percentage of an area will open a District Showdown.
Hidden Camera missions are one of the side-missions available in the game.
Clearing your first district gives a trophy!
The white star indicates a main mission while the spray can is a graffiti side mission.
Orbital Drop is a Karmic Bomb ability Delsin can only use when his karma power is maxed.
The District now belongs to the people.
Hovering across the streets of Seattle.
The games utilizes the touch pad of the Dualshock 4 at times.
When drawing graffiti on the wall you will always have two choices, one that will boost your evil karma or one that will boost your good karma.
Launching in the air for a huge impact attack.
Fetch is a conduit you meet who has neon powers.
Delsin draining Fetch's powers.
Neon allows Delsin to traverse areas at a blazing speed.
A flashback scene of Fetch's past.
Here is another of the karmic decisions you have to make.
Wouldn't they just make such a perfect couple.
Draining power from Neon signs.
The meter to the bottom left shows your energy level for that power.
Dashing through the streets.
Here is a Sucker Punch easter egg. Cooper refers to Sly Cooper while McGrath to Cole McGrath.
Going up.
The Neon Karmic Bomb puts on a dazzling display.
The graphics are really nice in this game.
Charging up a smoke blast.
Fighting a mini-boss.
Using the Dualshock 4's gyro you move your controller to imitate a spray can during these side-missions.
Angels and soldiers, at the moment both factions are against you.
The TV is spreading all kinds of lies, it's time to shut down the source.
The city view at night.