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PlayStation 3 version

Starting a new game.
Main menu is accessed during gameplay.
Controls tutorial.
Without visible way of communication, other characters will contact your during gameplay to give you instructions and tasks.
This whole parking is falling, better move fast.
Cole doesn't look too good, but from here on things will only get better.
Cole cannot seem to control his new power.
Cut-scenes use comic-like style with narrative.
Main title after the prologue mission.
Cole and Zeke, just chilling.
Use triangle button to look toward the point of interest when presented.
Cole's new power comes in handy for charging batteries.
Some basic target practicing.
Map of the city... new locations get unlocked as the story unfolds.
You can blow up cars with lightning strikes, but by attacking civilians your character meter will urn toward evil which may impact the story.
Close combat with local gangs.
Blue exclamation mark points to the starting point of a new story driven mission.
That's one way to hitch a ride.
You can take out the antennae to create a bridge for jumping on to the adjacent building.
It's not exactly Assassin's Creed, but in this game too, you can pretty much climb onto anything you see.
Call seems to be able to jump from any heights without having to worry about safe landing.
Investigating the scene of the crime.
Cole can use his power to see the echo of things that took place in the recent past.
Different kinds of gangs were formed after city was left isolated from the rest of the world.
Depending on your orientation and gathered points, you can upgrade good or evil abilities.
Even Call needs to recharge every now and then.
Fighting the garbage gang on the roof.
There are many side missions throughout the game.
You cannot use turrets, but you can render them inoperable.
Gotta save those people locked on a fishing boat.
Use zip-lines to fast-travel through the city.
Need to find a way to jump onto that balloon that's poisoning the city.
Cole does not carry a sniper rifle, but can zoom in on the target just like one.
Most powerful weapon in the game, giant lightning strike that destroys everything in its patch which you can steer.
You can heal wounded citizens which will gain you some good points.
Bio leeching will fill you up, but will kill the subject and earn you with evil points.
It's a train called Cole... just watch out for a collision with a real train.
Use your shield to repel enemy attacks.
Taking the bus tour, Cole-way.
Live capture isn't as rewarding as a kill shot, but on some missions it may be required of you capture someone rather than kill him.