Innocent Until Caught Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen
Introduction - As Jack T. Ladd you are wanted by Tax Office for money fraud.
The beginning of the game. Tax officers gave you a chance to pay your debt. You have 28 days to get money. You start in the Spaceport.
You can ask people many different things about the surroundings and some important facts
You can even visit a brothel (as long as you manage to proof to the bouncer that you are an adult).
As a thief you can also sell your loot in the pawnshop.
The gallery
You commute using public transport.
You can also visit a Zoo.
... and Police Station.
Using sewers you can rob a bank.
You may also end up in jail.
On Shmul you will find the love of your life.
And in Skycity you will prevent the universe from being destroyed by the Doom Weapon.
Pressing SPACE key gives you the possibility to see your game progress and also do some disk operations like SAVE or LOAD.

DOS version

Title screen
Rendered scene: Jack's spaceship being hunted.
Rendered scene: Jack's spaceship being caught.
Jack T. Ladd has just made an unpleasant acquaintance.
Jack has some interesting priorities.
There are pleasant places after all on Tayte.
Two portraits, multiple-choice answers: the dialogues in IUC.
Ah -- a nice seat, a drink, and entertaining gangster shoot-outs.
How right you are, Jack. The inventory is at the bottom of the screen.
The status screen. Jack may hide items in his jacket.
Jack T. Ladd. The T. stands for "Tarzan".
Jack just broke into a bank using nothing but a mushroom, a fly and flour.
Excellent appearance, Ladd...
Unfortunately, the judge doesn't think so.
A labyrinth scene: Jack and his buddy Narm are escaping from prison.
What a cyberpunk game without prostitutes?
Nice try!