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It Has It's Moments, Yet There's Some Things Missing.... PlayStation 2 Guy Chapman (1743)
What a blast from the past! PlayStation 2 xofdre (70)

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GameCube 7 3.1
PlayStation 2 10 3.5
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XboxGame Chronicles
If you are interested in retro gaming be sure to pick up this title. This title brought back quite a few great childhood memories. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many hours I spent in front of the television playing many of these titles with my friends. The best thing about these titles was that I didn’t have to practice them in order to beat my son. He seems to pick up any of the newer Xbox titles very quickly and it doesn’t take him very long to whip me in them. Like any good father, I congratulate him for a job well done. Of course he doesn’t know that I stay up all hours of the night practicing just so I can keep the edge on him.
PlayStation 2PGNx Media
Now this is a compilation disc. Activision recently released their Activision Anthology collection, which I never got a chance to play and more recently, Midway released their Midway Arcade Treasures disc. Compared to Midway’s game, Intellivision Lives! is really old school with games going back to before the NES.
PlayStation 2GameZone
Once, a very long time ago, there was no such thing as a Playstation, Xbox, Gamecube, or Gameboy. In fact, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo weren’t even making video games yet. Instead, the good citizens of America had Ataris and Intellivisions; which, at that time, were the coolest things ever. With the new age of games and their beautiful graphics, sound, and gameplay people tend to forget all about these gems of the past. Crave and Realtime have brought back these classics; sparking memories in older gamers while showing newer gamers where it all began.
History is retold through the people that win, but stiff competition always means evolution for an industry. Atari may have won in the end but many gamers have fond memories of the 80's system that wasn't Atari. Compilations like this are a valuable addition to any serious player's games library; their value strives to shine through the historical importance of the system and its games. Intellivision Lives! on the GameCube is a faithful compilation that remains true to its roots and won't disappoint videogame archeologists.
Intellivision Lives! is a great opportunity for older gamers to take a stroll down memory lane and lets younger gamers get to know the roots of video gaming. With limited memory capacity and graphical power, Intellivision games left quite a bit to the player’s imagination, and this may turn off some gamers. However, it’s interesting to see the surprising amount of depth and gameplay found in these early titles. Gamers will be shocked at the quality and addictiveness in many of the games featured in Intellivision Lives! As a bargain title, this is a no-brainer for retro gamers or collectors, and would probably make an interesting weekend rental for gamers not acquainted with this classic system.
GameCubeNintendo Life
Despite a clunky menu and inflexible control layouts, it cannot be denied that Intellivision Lives! does what it says on the tin: present a nice slice of classic gaming goodness for hard-core retro gamers. There's a massive library of classic Intellivision games on offer, many of which will provide a quality gaming experience even by today's standards. If you're a fan of the original system, like old 8-bit console games or just want to experience some vintage video gaming for the first time, it's well worth tracking this one down. Long live Intellivision!
Ah… Retro Gaming. Will your kids enjoy it? Probably, but don't expect them to share your feelings for certain titles just because you enjoyed them in your gaming halcyon days. Instead, they can serve as valuable human garbage detectors, using their un-biased eyes to either validate, or eradicate your memories of what you once thought were great games.
PlayStation 2GamerDad
The aptly -named "Intellivision Lives!" disc resurrects 60 classic console games from Mattel Electronics' Intellivision platform. This product drops the player into Hal's Pizza, a 3-D arcade housing machines with different themes such as "sports," "battle" or "kids" games. Each has a unique graphical interface that launches the original Intellivision game, be it "Astrosmash," an intense shoot-em-up space game, "Intellivision Baseball," an entertaining sports simulation, or "Utopia" a smart strategy game. Each game can be paused to review instructions and controller layout. Some games also let players save their high scores.
Silly music and controller headaches aside, Intellivision Lives! does a fine job of compiling a huge number of games into one package and presenting them in an easy-to-pick-up manner. While the Intellivision definitely wasn't as popular as the Atari 2600, those who owned one or played one at a friend's house will definitely enjoy being able to play those games again. If you've played Activision Anthology, you might smirk from the sheer number of similarities the two compilations have in common. Although the collection may be a rip-off in some aspects, any gamer looking to relive the days of when gaming began will definitely enjoy Intellivision Lives!
PlayStation 2GameSpot
Silly music and controller headaches aside, Intellivision Lives! does a fine job of compiling a huge number of games into one package and presents them in an easy-to-pick-up manner.
XboxExtreme Gamer
Intellivision Lives! Is made for a specific crowd and if you're a member of the old school gaming days this will spark some old memories of the dawn of the videogames. The collection of games isn't bad, but most will become bored in a day or two and turn back their beautiful bitmaps and physic engine spoils.
The amount of games and the retrospective elements: good. The horrible controls: extremely bad. To rectify this, someone needs to create a third-party Intellivision controller. Anyone up to the task?
For 20 bucks, it's definitely worth it to relive some of gaming's past. But while Intellivision Lives accurately represents the look and sound of what gamers were playing on the system, it doesn't accurately represent the actual Intellivision experience. The only way this would be possible is with an actual Intellivision controller; the pull-up menu and right-analog "simulation" of the keypad just don't work for the twitch games. The amount of games and the retrospective elements: good. The horrible controls: extremely bad. To rectify this, someone needs to create a third-party Intellivision controller. Anyone up to the task?
PlayStation 2IGN
More than twenty years ago, nearly every neighborhood had one. For every ten kids on the block who owned Atari, there was that one guy. The rebel. The rich kid. The one with Intellivision, a beast of a videogame system that flaunted its complexities. Instead of a joystick and button it had a disk and phone-style keypad and cords permanently attached to the console. Games used nearly every damn button on the thing, most of them including specially printed overlays that corresponded to the keypad buttons that lay underneath. It was the first real videogame system that challenged the dominance of the current market leader.
XboxDiehard GameFan
It’s obvious that the target consumers for this compilation are the Intellivision fans of old. Considering all the historical aspects put in the game, including documentaries, production notes, commercials, and talks with the game developers, its bound to take the fans back down memory lane. And for the retro buff that never owned an Intellivision before, there’s enough here to get him/her caught up to appreciate it. Other than that, it’s a game that will not be on everyone’s wishlist.
Vous avez connu l'époque Intellivision et vous adoriez la bête et comme en plus vous êtes en pleine crise existentielle vous avez envie de vous replonger dans vos souvenirs rassurant de prime jeunesse ? Alors pourquoi ne pas tenter le coup. Seulement voilà, tous les souvenirs ne sont pas bons à déterrer et parfois, mieux vaut garder l'image idéalisée qu'on s'est faite des temps jadis, parce que là, ça fait un peu mal quand même.
PlayStation 2Game Chronicles
Intellivision Lives! is a compilation of over 60 original titles for one of the oldest home console systems, the Mattel-developed Intellivision. Intellivision was originally released in 1980 after a test period the year before, boasting relatively advanced graphics for the time. At its height, some of its games sold over 500,000 copies. Unfortunately for Intellivision, they never released a "next-gen" platform to compete with 8-bit powerhouses like the Sega Master System, much less the Big N itself. By 1990, the division had filed for bankruptcy because frankly, after ten years, even the most amazing new console feels like a warmed-over turd.
PlayStation 2GameSpy
Intellivision Lives! is wisely priced at 20 bucks, and its historical info alone makes it a must for anyone with an interest in video-game lore, but not one of the included games is anything more than a mild curiosity. If you want to experience the very best of ancient gaming, you want Activision Anthology and/or Midway Arcade Treasures.
PlayStation 2The Video Game Critic
Intellivision Lives should have been packaged with special controllers, because this fatal flaw ruins an otherwise attractive compilation.